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    Blaq For BlackBerry PlayBook Updated To v1.7

    The most popular Twitter app on the BlackBerry PlayBook has received an update today that will make a lot of PlayBook users happy. Version 1.6 of Blaq was very solid, but Kisai Labs has decided to bring a lot of requested features to their users and we are pretty impressed to say the least. Check out the change log below.

    What’s new?
    • Portrait Mode
    • Auto-correct and spell check
    • LED notifications
      • New Tweets – White
      • Mentions – Blue
      • DMs – Green
      • Followers: Yellow
    • TweetMarker support – Never lose your spot again! TweetMarker bookmarks your position in any client supporting it (must be enabled in Advanced Options > Services)
    • Toggle Real-time streaming – This has been a HUGE request. Granted. Tap the real-time indicator to toggle.
    • Favorited tweets – Swipe from the top bezel then tap the star
    • Dedicated help section to make it easier to learn the ins and outs
    • Saved Searches – Easily tap the star in your search field to add a new saved search. Tap a saved search then untap the star to remove it. It’s that simple!
    Check out more tips/info at the Kisai Labs blog page.

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    Thank you AgentBlackBerry for this share on as I personally use this on my BlackBerry PlayBook.

    I have used other Twitter clients, and I'd say I would use this one 80% of the time due to the simplicity of the layout, the buttons, and overall features.

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