So the Halloween holiday is in full swing, but it's never too late to show your holiday spirit by loading up your tablet with some spooky Halloween apps and games! Here are just a few I discovered myself while browsing around BlackBerry App World. Let us know if you get the chance to try them out!

With Halloween Sounds you can play endless pranks on friends and enemies alike. 15 spooky sounds and Spooky Soundtrack which plays a creepy soundtrack and adds scary sounds on top of it. The perfect soundtrack for handing out treats, or great mood music for a costume party. Sounds Include:
  • Witches Laugh
  • Flying Bats
  • Growling Monster
  • Creaky Door
  • Chainsaw
  • Howling Wolf
  • Squeaky Floor
  • Deadly Scream
  • Evil Laugh
  • Bubbling Cauldron
  • Spooky Ghost
  • Crying Cat
  • Bloody Shriek
  • Croaking Frog
  • Ominous Chime
  • Creepy Music

Vaporize as many ghosts of the same color as you can to get a high score, with cute halloween theme animations, bonuses, and sound effects. The more ghosts you tap at once, the more scores you will get. The more same color ghosts combo, the more scores multiply.

- Autosave game on exit or phone call
- Individual on/off switch to background music and sound effects
- Global online scoreboard (supports PlayBook only in this version)
- Post your scores to Facebook (supports PlayBook only in this version)
Visit Ghosty Party youtube's video at Ghosty Party v1.0.0 (For iPhone, iPad, Android, PlayBook, and BlackBerry smartphone) - YouTube

Zombies, Ghosts, Mummies; oh my! Halloween Haunt (5 Reel Slot Machine) features up to 15 credits per line (up to 9 lines) - Changeable credit values ranging from 1¢, 2¢, 5¢, 10¢, and 25¢. Once the ‘High Roller Gauge’ is completely filled, you will gain access to even higher credit values; 50¢, $1, and $5. Slot machine symbols include ‘WILD’ and ‘SPIN & WIN’ symbols, which trigger the FREE SPIN feature. Earn your way to 50 trophies, purchase the 10 items in the gift shop, and work your way up to piles of cash like candy on Halloween!