Could it be? Many sources, including Businessweek, have recently come out to support the rumor that RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook will in the second half of 2011, support a slew of Android applications. Articles that can be found on Businessweek's website have indicated that RIM is in the process of developing software that will support the Android market's 130,000+ applications in what they called the "second half" of 2011.

Allowing users to take advantage of what should be the great gaming software on the PlayBook with Android's games seems like a pretty good idea. Here's to hoping RIM supports this; it would surely give the PlayBook quite an edge over the iPad and similar tablets it will surely compete with. Although frankly, it seems the iPad will be its biggest competitor.

Also, take note:
"RIM is not going along with Dalvik (Google’s engine that runs Android apps) and is instead going with their own now. For legal reasons they decided this, but I’m curious to see how RIM’s own developed software will work with Android applications and their updates."
We'll keep ourselves and all of you readers informed about this exciting rumor!

My question to you is: Are you staying loyal to BlackBerry and getting the PlayBook? Would allowing the PlayBook to run Android apps keep you far, far away from the iPad? Let us know!

- Avonlea