With the release date of the BlackBerry PlayBook quickly approaching there is a lot of buzz about the tablet running the highly-anticipated QNX software. One thing that's got critics and users alike excited is how applications will look and run on the QNX OS. Well, wait no more!

To many that had done some research into recent apps that had been submitted to the PlayBook App World, some of them found the apps to be lackluster and disappointingly lousy. In my personal opinion, as programmers become more accustomed to this new OS the apps will surely only get better. You can count on Poynt to be a part of that.

Here are a few more screenshots collected by Simon over at IntoMobile of Poynt running the PlayBook.

Lookin' good!

Although many critics speculate that the PlayBook just won't be able to compete with Apple's iPad apps, I don't think that RIM has much to worry about. Will the PlayBook be an iPad killer? Probably not. But, the PlayBook will definitely be a success in its own right, however. On top of that, Apple's iPad is basically a really large iPhone... which is a really large iPod.... which is.... Well, that OS is getting boring. I'm glad RIM is offering consumers a new and hopefully very updated operating system that can compete with the software on the iPad.

My question to you is: Are there apps that are on the iPad that you want to see make the crossover to the PlayBook? How do you like the look of Poynt?

- Avonlea