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Thread: PC Posting Tips

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    PC Posting Tips

    Hello Everyone,

    Although BBOS does not specialize in computer repair, we do want to help in you in anyway we can. Since PC problems in general can be vague at times, I thought it would be useful to post some helpful posting tips. With that being said, the following are some quick tips to use when posting:

    1. Gather information about your PC.
    • What type of Operating System do you have? i.e Windows Vista, Windows 7 Home, or Pro .
    • What the make and model of your computer? i.e Dell Vostro 1500, HP Pavilion 1120n
    • Is your computer a Desktop or a Laptop?

    2.Gather information about your problem.
    • Are there any errors that are displayed?
    • Are there any unusual noises that can be heard?
    • Is your problem network related, if so are you using a wired connection or a wireless connection?

    Seems like a lot of questions, but these are questions that are going to be asked anyways. The staff here is very knowledgeable, and the more information we have to work with the quicker we can assist you. Happy posting.

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    Nice post! I know Mac's a decent amount. I will help when I can...

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