Anyone who has traveled to another country than their own knows that getting international cell service can be expensive. While most carriers offer some sort of international plans, they usually tend to be the most expensive. So many of us choose to buy pre-paid SIM cards for the country that we are going to. This isn't a very good solution either as this means no BlackBerry internet service. After all, BIS/BES is what makes us really love our BlackBerry.

Roam Simple just may be the perfect solution for anyone with a BlackBerry and travels internationally. Roam Simple is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). They provide international cellular service, designed to help the leisure, student and business travelers save up to 90% on their international cellular roaming charges. Today they launched their international BlackBerry SIM Card Service.

This service supports all BlackBerry devices and is great for global business travelers, who can save up to 90% on international roaming data fees. As I mentioned earlier, the downside to pre-paid SIM cards is the fact that you can't get BIS/BES service. This is one of the areas that sets Roam Simple apart from everyone else since they do support BIS and BES. Access to email while traveling abroad is always important, especially for business users.

Once you have signed up for Roam Simple, all you need to do is place the Roam Simple SIM card into your unlocked BlackBerry device. All vital information is automatically updated within seconds. You are also set up with two phone numbers. An international number and a North American number with an area code of your choosing. Sounds pretty easy.

In addition, Roam Simple's service is contract free, and has no recurring monthly fees. All airtime charges are billed to a pre-approved credit card. Which means you only pay for how much data you use, and how many voice minutes. You're not stuck in any sort of contract or having to pay for data overages (let alone the insane cost for data service). This is definitely a service anyone who travels should look into, especially if they need BIS or BES service while in another country.