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    WIND Mobile Launches in Canada

    Here's some good news for anyone in Canada. WIND Mobile has launched in Toronto, and with some good deals to boot. First is their unlimited BlackBerry plan you can get for $35 a month with no contract or a social networking and IM only plan for $10 a month. Knowing how expensive data services are in Canada, this sounds like a pretty good deal.

    The second deal being offered is the new BlackBerry Bold 9700 for only $450 without a contact. Sounds like some good competition in the realm of wireless service in Canada. WIND Mobile is also expected to launch in Calgary on Friday. For more details on WIND Mobile's service, visit

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    Jul 2009
    It's about time! This is great news

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    i dunno about this companies home calling zone stuff... i would be paying additional fees anytime i drove 20 minutes east or north of my house.

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    Yeah, will have to see how it plays out. In the next month or so they are expanding considerably. Hopefully they will be adding more plan options and "home zones" soon after.

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    This is fantastic news, fully HSPA too with easy transition into LTE from the ground up. As long as you stay in the home zones you are good to go

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