Best os6 for 9700 (battery life and speed)
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Thread: Best os6 for 9700 (battery life and speed)

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    Red face Best os6 for 9700 (battery life and speed)

    what is the best os 6 software version for 9700 which has a very good battery life and good speed with less freezing... any suggestions??

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    I can't understand that people are complaining about the 9700 with OS6 hanging. My 9700 never hung...EVER!!

    Ditch the crap load full of sh!t apps you have on it, Only use Official realease OS's on it, and you'll never have a problem!

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    .600 is a good build.

    I had an official OS from Verizon on my 9650 and had to recharge 3 times a day. When I changed my OS to .600 now I'm only charging once a day. Just because it is a official OS does not make it battery savvy. I do agree however that users should be mindful of what apps they put on their devices, as some can be big battery drainers, especially if they are utilizing the radio/gps.

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