OS 6 coming to BlackBerry Storm2 ?
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Thread: OS 6 coming to BlackBerry Storm2 ?

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    OS 6 coming to BlackBerry Storm2 ?

    Over the last serveral months I seen information that blackberry storm 2 isn't getting the OS 6 upgrade but I also seen information that the blackberry storm 2 is getting the OS 6 upgrade , which is confussing that's why I am posting this forum is blackberry storm 2 getting the OS 6 upgrade

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    The answer is most likely that the Storm 2 will not get officially OS 6 updated. This question has been speculated for a couple reasons... First being there has been no announcement from RIM that the Storm2 will get OS 6 updated, and second, because the Storm2 lacks the hardware to be able to run OS 6 as it is now. I imagine that perhaps Storm users may see a OS 5/6 hybrid from RIM, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. There have been some interesting Hybrids already released into our community for the Storm2 by TeoStar you can check out here.

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