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    Cool Poor browser performance

    Hi All,

    I'm in this forum cause I love my blackberries, been through a few now, currently happy with the Bold 9650. Maybe I should have got a 9700, but everyone else has one so i had to be different.

    But seriously the browser!? It's almost unusable, OS 5 was the same as OS 6. If I go to a site with lots of images, or any javascript or moving parts it is almost impossible to navigate. If I scroll down the page, the whole browser goes to the white canvas and it seems to completely re-render that part of the web page.

    Sometimes I think it must download the elements again as i know Vodafone AU has very poor data throughput, but in most cases i'm pretty sure the page elements are cached in memory and the BB CPU just can't handle re-rendering the new section of the page. I get frustrated after about 60 seconds of waiting... then if I move the cursor again, the wait starts again. I have no idea if there's something I should tweak!?! I can take a 20 minute ride on the bus to work and not manage to view even one news article.

    I really can't use the browser... If I can find a text only version of web pages for monitoring systems or whatever I need to do.. I use those with no javascript or images.

    The browser is absolutely appalling and basically unusable on my 9500 OS4, 9630 OS5 and 9650 OS6. I am happy to live with it given what a great and reliable communications device it is...

    Apple are blitzing the performance. They seem to render the entire web page and when you scroll you just move over a fully rendered web page that you can zoom in and out of. its like a graphics function only and doesn't seem to kill the CPU. Android re-render the page, but seem to have everything very well cached and ready to place back on the page as you scroll around and zoom in and out.

    Why do blackberry continue to make the browser so clunky? Does anyone agree with the experience? Why are there no complaints?


    So they're advertising the PlayPad as being a faster browser than the iPAD. I thought that highly suprising until I realised its a compltely different OS on the PlayPad...

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    People have been complaining a long time about the browser issues. Drives me crazy even on my 9550. I have found that using hybrids helps quite a bit with browser speed, but sometimes you have to search for the hybrid that really does the job.

    I'm hoping the playbook as well as the Storm 3 will FINALLY catch up to some of the other platforms as far as browser performance with their new OS.

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    I'm guessing with what we've seen so far, no one will be able to complain about the browser speed anymore, once QNX is released. It's going to set the bar in that area, and with flash support, it will be untouchable for quite some time.

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