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    Leaked BlackBerry 6 Developer Briefing reveals upcoming API's

    Recently a powerpoint presentation leaked from the BlackBerry 6 Developer Briefing revealing some expected and known upcoming API features. We can look forward to a more intuitive user experience with a complete overhaul of the home screen and its capabilities. Personally I am excited about the attention given to improving the address book. Making use of BlackBerry hardware the side buttons have been given more capabilities for even better utilization and access to apps and folders. One of the most eagerly awaited improvements is the browser - finally improving the functionality and ability of the browser will allow the BlackBerry line up to be on par with competitive smartphones. Seems that OS 6 will enable us to experience BlackBerry products like never before with so many new capabilities and improvements abound due to RIM's hard work. Confirmation of what we can expect in the upcoming release of BlackBerry 6!

    • BlackBerry6 UI:
    • Title Bar: Time, Date, Coverage, Notifications, etc.
    • Tables and Lists: Featuring Simple lists containing text only.
    • Rich list containing text and images. Table which maps each data item to a cell in rows and columns
    • Access to data via web communication
    • SQLite Upgrade
    • Improved Native Web Content Support
    • Device Capability API; rotation, virtual keyboard
  2. API:
  3. Animation Framework
  4. Open GL ES 1.1 [3D Graphics] for supporting devices.
  5. Open VG 1.1 2D Graphic Accelerator
  6. Unified Search Framework
  7. Search on-device as well as web
  8. Application IntegrationHomeScreen:
  9. HomeScreen Shortcut Icon
  10. Convenience Key API: Allowing "Press&Hold" and "Multiple Presses"
  11. Phone Screen API Improvements
  12. Default Content Handler
  • Device Integration:
  • Multiple Contact Lists
  • Local Event Update
  • New Address Book fields
  • Contact look up
  • 1D and 2D Barcode Capability Support
  • Camera Autofocus EnhancementLocation Services:
  • Cellsite GeoLocation API
  • Reverse GeoCoding Advancement
  • Travel Time/Estimated Arrival Time
  • BlackBerry Maps: ReDesign, Improvement
  • Access to data via web communication
  • SQLite Upgrade
  • Improved Native Web Content Support
  • Device Capability API; rotation, virtual keyboard, etc.

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    I am really happy to see this.
    I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the Storm 3 along with these much needed improvements. I have faith that this will be killer for Blackberry, RIM, and all of us.
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    lets hope Blackberry launches Os6 for bold 9700 soon. Cant wait to get hand on this Os

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