Hi all I been looking for to the best program to used on my business to take credit card payment I see and I try lot of the application and all is look nice by real is ask for $100 to setup fit and you can't used because you have to have merchant service I not sea the name of the Application the i ready try and trust me I spent some money and I wasted final I try my last hope MERCHANTWAREHOUSE I tell you is working no money for setup fit or any crap the other try to take you money this is what i have
0 setup fit
Free download application
$ 7.95 a most
2.97% x transaction and
$ .25 X transactions

Not contract and not minimum transaction

IF YOU WANT OR LAKE TRY OR USED THIS IS MY ACCOUNT REPRET IS HELP ME ON MY i VERY SURE HI HELP YOU TO John Waksmonski : 1-800-941-6557 x2123 tell the Hector from X Auto Detail send you.

I used my merchant for first time on Friday if I not have this service I well be lost 250.00 I very happy to merchant warehouse services and Monday I have the money on my account if is work for me I am sure is working for you to