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    My Mobile Social Apps


    Now SocialScope is in beta still so you can only use it if you get a invite!

    SocialScope Feature List

    • - SocialScope integrates your Twitter feed and Facebook updates into one application.
      - A tabbed Interface so you never miss replies, direct messages or updates from specific contacts
      - View all your social network status updates and picture updates in one place
      - Address Book Integration allows you to save your contacts’ social network information and see there updates from the address book
      - Support for standard BlackBerry shortcuts, r – reply, d – direct message, c – compose update, b – bottom, t – top, f – favorite
      - Post updates directly from your Inbox
      - Twitter search support with #topics highlighting throughout BlackBerry
      - @username highlighting
      - One click access to the “in reply to” messages
      - BlackBerry spell checker support
      - Tabbed Interface so you never miss replies, direct messages or updates from specific contacts
      - A direct message interface that makes it easier to see conversations
      - Post pictures via TwitPic from the camera or BlackBerry Media app
      - URL Shrinking with with the BlackBerry Browser integration
      - NEW! Profile Notifications (Experimental) for each message type
      - NEW! Refresh Rate Control (Experimental)
      - NEW! ReTweet capability
      - NEW! Added Follow/UnFollow
      - NEW! Remembers posting preference



    Beta-4 Is Being Prepared for Released!

    Fri, 08/07/2009 - 06:46 — CodeWarden This release deepens support for Twitter features and takes further advantage of the capablities available in your BlackBerry device.
    Below is the list of features and bug fixes that made it into this release. We didn't get ALL of the capabilities we wanted into this release, see the bottom of the page for items we are still working on.

    • Multiple Accounts - You can now configure multiple accounts, each with their own set of on-device preferences.
    • You can now BLOCK people!
    • Video Integration - We have partnered with to offer you an outstanding video integration.
    • Goto user - You can now enter twitter users name and go directly to their timeline
    • URL Shortening - we've integrated with so you can easily send those long URLs now and not bump up against the 140 limit
    • MUCH faster photo uploads, significantly improving the user experience.
    • Use of the internal GPS is now solidly supported with proper fallback to cell tower based location when GPS isn't available.
    • Icon Caching If you have and SD card, we will cache avatar icons on the card, increasing the speed of timeline displays and reducing network traffic.
    • You can now select pictures and videos that have already been take and are on your device. The interface shows the most recent at the top and offers a preview so you can verify it is the picture/video you expected!
    • When composing a tweet you can now insert symbols from a large selection of commonly available characters such as smiley's, hearts, etc.
    • Integrated advertisements - Please note, the ads are there to support the freely distributable version of ÜberTwitter. Users that purchase ÜberTwitter will not have advertisement in their version.
    • We've streamlined the friends and followers lists
    • You can now see both the number of friends, followers, and tweets sent when viewing the details of a tweet.
    • Replying to a DM from the timeline will now correctly send a DM and not a regular tweet
    • Fixed the bug in reply all where it would truncate some twitter user names
    • Added reply all to the menu when viewing a tweet

    The list below includes features and capabilities which just didn't make it into this release (not enough time in the day!). We will be working on these for the next release though.

    • Integration into the BlackBerry browser such that URLs can be included directly in a tweet from the browser menu.
    • Saved searches - integrate the new Twitter saved search API. Searches saved via the Twitter web site will be useable on ÜberTwitter and vice versa
    • Twitter name menu - Type '@' and a list of your friends automatically pops up allowing selection


    • Send and receive MySpace mail
    • Update your Status and Mood
    • View and send Bulletins
    • Add comments
    • Post your photos
    • And much more.2


    • NEW! View your friends’ highlights like status updates, photo uploads, comments and wall posts.
    • NEW! Check out your friends’ profiles with access to status updates, wall posts, friends and recently added pictures.
    • NEW! Open recently added photos or entire albums, or tag photos of friends. You can even comment on pictures.
    • Receive instant notifications on your BlackBerry smartphone’s home screen.
    • Send/receive messages or wall posts, pokes and friend requests.
    • Update your status and view and comment on your friends’ status.
    • Share photos from your BlackBerry smartphone with tags/comments and post to Facebook® with just one click.
    • Connect your Facebook friends with your BlackBerry Address Book—including profile picture integration to bring new meaning to caller ID.
    • Stay organized with birthday reminders and event integration into your BlackBerry Calendar.


    Why pay for expensive text messages when you can chat for free* on your mobile phone? Chatting with instango is as simple as chatting on your desktop computer. See who of your friends is online and start chatting with a simple push of a button.
    Connect to GoogleTalk, ICQ, AIM, MSN and Yahoo!
    Take your GoogleTalk, ICQ, AIM, MSN and Yahoo! buddies with you. Instango gives you free access to these popular networks. Simply enter your GoogleTalk, ICQ, AIM, MSN or Yahoo! credentials and instango will show all your buddies on these networks in its contact list.
    Send Voice Message, Pictures and Files
    Record a short voice message, take a picture or select any file on your mobile phone and send it to your friends at instango or one of the major IM networks.
    Or send any file on your mobile phone to your friends at instango or one of the other major IM networks.
    With instango you get a free e-mail address. Receive e-mails sent at this address and they will be delivered to your instango. Add any e-mail address to your contact list to mail text messages, audio messages, files and pictures.
    Realtime News
    Have your RSS news feeds delivered in realtime. Simply add any RSS compatible news feed from within instango or using the myaccount pages on this website.
    Still have friends not using instango? Send regular text messages (SMS) from instango and save. Add your friends to the instango contact list and send SMS just like any instant message. And best of all, replies to your SMS will be delivered right into instango. Chatting via SMS was never easier!
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    Excellent job Kris, thanks!

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    Nice job Kris

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan View Post
    Nice job Kris
    Quote Originally Posted by jlevy73 View Post
    Excellent job Kris, thanks!

    Thank You

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    Wirelessly posted

    Social is pretty sick if you can pull an invite to the beta versions.

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    Wow that's an Uber Post... great job

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    Kris, u need social rehab!

    great post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laney View Post
    Kris, u need social rehab!

    great post
    Did you guys hear what they do in China? They have internet addiction clinics. There was a news article the other day about it. Some parents sent their 17 year old there because he played online games a lot. The day they dropped him off, he had been beaten and killed.

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