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    Drive Your Friends and Family Insane: bbExecutor App Mimics Original Executor

    This reminds me when i was little and would play with the toy guns, my mom would get so pist!

    Ahh... this one totally brings back fond memories as I was indeed an owner of the original Executor keychain and played with it non-stop until my older brother eventually stole it from me, put it on the floor and jumped on it until it crumbled into little pieces. I still haven't forgiven him.... though I guess I can let the issue drop now as new from Generation Media Group, bbExecutor mimics the original Executor keychain and offers up 8 of those classic assault sounds, including the ever-popular machine gun. Be sure to watch the video above to see bbExecutor in all it's glory.
    The app is available for both the Storm and non-touchscreen BlackBerry smartphones and is currently available for 99 cents (until July 31st - $1.99 regular price). You can grab it from the link below and be sure to check out the original Executor after the jump!

    Here is a video YouTube - Blackberry Executor Keychain - bbExecutor

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