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    Internet Connectivity Monitoring

    I am looking for a program that I can use to monitor my internet connection on my computer. I need to know when, if, and how long the connection is down. Been having a lot of issues with Comcast and I'm at the point where I want to log every time there is something wrong with my internet.

    Does any one know of a program I can use for this?

    I have done some Google searching but really all I've been able to find is bandwidth monitoring and stupid download portals for crappy software that doesn't do what I need.

    It doesn't even need to be a program... If there's a linux script out there for such a thing, I could throw it on my linux router...

    Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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    I just read online that there is a built in event log that can show you when you internet disconnects. Here is the forum where I read it.

    internet connection status logging - TechSpot Troubleshooting

    Here is how to get to the event log, but there is a lot to look through:

    Event Log/Viewer errors/warnings:

    1. Select Start
    2. In the Start Search field type eventvwr and press the ENTER key
    3. In the new window, expand Windows Logs and then select System -- this will display a list of all system events. Look for any errors and/or warnings (denoted by a red 'x' or a yellow '!').

    *Note: You'll mainly be looking for DHCP and TCP/IP errors/warnings
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    sunkast Guest
    All it is showing me are DNS time outs. I'm guessing because I am running a router. I need something a little more accurate/definitive in logging the status of my connection to the internet.

    My goal is to build a case where I can complain to Comcast their service has been unacceptable. Explain in detail when the service went been down, and when it came back on, get them to fix it and reimburse me for services lost. Been having issues for 4 months now and I'm dead tired of it. I'd dump them but since they are the only game in time other than DSL, there's not much I can do.
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    Try I know it will give you a quality of service report including maximum gap in coverage, etc. Just a random thought hope it helps!

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