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    BBM Music Updated to v1.1.0.12

    As I was sitting, minding my own business on this lovely evening, I got an urgent BBM/email from AgentBlackBerry and TwistMyMind to immediately post about the app, BBM Music, being updated to version They're currently at BlackBerry's BBM Ugly Sweater Event in New York City, so those of us that are nerding it up at home get to write stories up! There hasn't been much information on what has been updated in this version, so please post a reply in the forums to let BBOS know!

    If you're new to BBM Music, this is what you can expect: Each month you can switch out up to 25 (of your 50) songs to freshen up your listening habits. The songs you have listened to can also be cached to your SD card to allow access to all your songs even when you're offline and can't connect to your wireless network. Even better: free trial for a whole month! After that, access to BBM Music will cost you only $5 per month. That's 10 cents per song if you never swap them out, and roughly seven cents if you swap out 25. I'm not sure where else you can pay that little for music right on your BlackBerry, which means one thing.. Go download BBM Music now!
    • Step One: Download BBM Music from the App World.
    • Step Two: Create your very own music profile and pick 50 of your favorite songs from millions up for grabs.
    • Step Three: Add your friends! Invite your fellow BBM buddies and gain access to their 50 songs as well. The more friends you have on BBM Music means the more songs you can listen to.
    • Step Four: Start listening. Grab some earphones or play through the speakers to allow everyone to enjoy and bring on the music.
    If this sounds like the app for you, head over to BlackBerry App World and download (or update) now!
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    Thank you Robyn for the the BBM Music update, I said to myself, didn't I just update this like last week? lol

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    Much more than 50 songs - I have 11000

    You get to choose 50 songs, but you get access to all your BBM Music contacts songs as well. For example, I have 500 BBM Music contacts (different from BBM contacts) and 11,000 songs.

    Plus apparently US and UK users are getting 4 *free* months (no love for us Canadians)

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    Indonesia n Bold 9780

    When BBM music will be in Indonesia and my onyx2 (9780) ?

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