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Its probably obvious Im addicted. I got my first BB back in 2003 or 04 with my 7120 and cant really remember the exact year. It started out as a requirement for work and soon grew into a love affair. I have strayed from her a couple of times and each time she has taken me back with open arms. I cant go a day much less an hour without doing something with her. It has become even more intense as the years have past and my decision to take our relationship one step further. The sad part is I keep trading her in for the new and improved model. Imagine if I did that with my wife....oohhh that would be bad. Then it started, my 8830we, I was not happy with the performance of the OS and decided I would tweak it to my own liking, my first hybrid so to speak.I was very happy with her after the surgery. Then came my beloved Storm, love at first sight all over again. Then realization set in, this new model was a let down so to speak. So, once again back to the OS drawing board. Many nights I have spent caring for my baby an giving her all my attention. My wife doesnt understand and probably never will. Though she has decided to just let me have my love affair with my BB and even more so with BBOS, it did cost me a netbook though.
Hell BBC, for what you do for us on here, we all would have chipped in and bought the netbook, lol.