Check out OwnagePranks

I know this is no where near Blackberry related and I will rarely do this but I think this was needed. I've had many many days where nothing went right and I was in a bad mood ALL day long. Nothing could get me out of the pissed off/aggravated mood. Well, I found Ownage Pranks through a friend and listened to a few of his pranks and I was laughing for a good hour. Not even exaggerating. He does his prank calls live on Stickam (Stickam - The Live Community, Live Streaming Video) using Skype and also records them for everyone to view who are not apart of the Stickam website. He alters his voice (with no voice software) and honestly, I have no idea how he does not laugh when he does this stuff. Rather then have you read more about his stuff I have included a video off of his youtube for yo uto watch and preview what he is like. Head over to his website or his youtube YouTube - OwnagePranks's Channel

I promise you, you will laugh. The video I have posted up to watch/listen is him calling an Asian Restaurant to order a take out, in part 1 he called them and ordered a lot of food then called up saying he wanted to cancel the order, after it was made. This is part 2.