It has come to my attention that a person or persons has taken it upon themselves to take winning coupons for the BBOS store and repeatedly abuse that code. I'm talking about one or 2 of the winners from Theme Thursday. There were 10 codes to be used amongst the winners. Between 2 people, that code was used 27 times.

I find this to be both ignorant and disgusting at the same time. We here at BBOS approach the developers in order to review, and showcase their apps and themes. Occasionally, we do receive multiple copies so that we can have these contests for our members. The actions taken by these 2 selfish people put our reputation at risk with the developers, and also robs the legitimate winners of their prizes. To these people who were denied the right to collect their prize, I will send a PM on how they will still receive their free theme. I just ask for a little patience as I sort through this mess and weed out the thieves, and make no mistake, this is theft. Appropriate action will be taken, beginning with an immediate ban from BBOS and Mobihand if that is possible. I will also be emailing the administrators of all Blackberry forums, detailing what has happened, who was responsible, and ask that they ban these 2 from their forums as well.

To the 2 who are responsible, please make no mistake or assumption that I will not identify you. All transactions from the store have been emailed to myself, and I will be going through each one later tonight.

To all the members of BBOS, I apologize that this had to be written and read by yourself, but rest assured, the team here at BBOS will not tolerate actions like this in any way, shape or form, and will take immediate and swift action. It is our intent and obligation to bring you a site free of these actions and to operate a friendly site safe for all ages.

Thank you