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    The Perfect Cell Phone Case

    I’m sure a lot of you look online and in stores for the next best cell phone case. If you’re obsessive like me, you look often. I hate using a case that covers the beauty of my BlackBerry, but I do tend to drop my phone a lot. So I need a case, like it or not.

    I really need an OtterBox, but I refuse to purchase one. Why you ask? Certainly they set the precedence in cell phone protection. I agree. However, until they make the little cutout in the back of the BlackBerry cases to show off the infamous BB, I refuse to buy one.

    A few years back, I didn’t much care for company branding. If a product worked, I considered it worth buying. Something happened when I started owning smart phones however. If I spent a lot of money on a phone, I wanted people to know it. Yeah, sounds ridiculous I know.

    When I saw my first iPhone sporting an OtterBox which clearly displayed the prominent Apple logo on the back of the phone, I wanted that case. I did not want an iPhone, just the case. I was already familiar with OtterBox, so I knew it could withstand the abuse I could take out on it.

    Unemployed or not, I wanted that case. I was sadly disappointed to learn that OtterBox does not make a “customized” case for BlackBerry which displays the logo on the back. I emailed the company. Certainly I couldn’t be the only obsessive idiot that wanted one.

    A friendly representative from the company emailed me back explaining that while they had several requests from other BlackBerry users for a similar case (so glad I wasn’t the only idiot), she saw nothing in the works in the near future for the manufacture of such a case. I felt compelled to write her back and explain that I would not be ordering an OtterBox until then.

    Honestly, if OtterBox had not started the iPhone case logo issue, I would probably own one of their cases already. However, after seeing that they branded the case for Apple and not BlackBerry, it kind of ticked me off. That's the real reason I choose to boycott OtterBox.

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    Yeah, they don't care about the little people because iphone pays the bills.

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