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    Do you have better home insulations? If not you need to have them and will have to use electricity instead of fossil fuels, to reduce indoor pollution. This is extremely helpful in countries like India, with low-income.

    The case studies conducted by researchers say that these measures could turn away 5,500 premature deaths and decrease carbon dioxide emission by about 41 million tonnes, per year.

    The pollution caused by indoor household fuels can be removed by avoiding household fossil fuels and using electricity instead. Here energy can be saved by reducing the thermostat temperature.

    The research paper with these details was published in ‘The Lancet Series on Health and Climate Change’.

    The research team was led by ‘Paul Wilkinson of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine’, the researchers say that preferring such energy efficient options can help in the saving of fossil fuels to a considerable extent.

    They have also analyzed the benefits of using cleaner cooking stoves in countries like India with low-income, where people burn of biomass for cooking. This results in many lung and heart diseases.

    On installing 150 million household cooking stoves, about 87 percent of Indian households will have a much cleaner combustion and air. This can also avoid pre-mature deaths due to acute respiratory infections, and adult deaths due to ischemic heart problems and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.

    It’s also said that lower carbon-based electricity generation has significant health benefits, mainly in certain countries like India and China.

    You can read more about such research findings online if you conduct a web search for the keyword News Energy
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