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    Kudos ... BBOS Twitter Content

    I love Twitter. I have my Twitter account highly customized and only follow those accounts that consistently put up content that I find a value in reading. As soon as any account starts posting pap, I delete them. Twitter is great but I'm not gonna get caught up reading frivilous minutiae.

    I also love BlackBerry's new Twitter app. Man is that one sweet app.

    But, did you know that you can set your Twitter account to send you account specific text messages on tweet updates? Yup, you can.

    Now if you are like me, you don't want a bunch of nonsense text messages coming in over your phone wasting your time. I have about 75 accounts I follow on Twitter and even though most of them are very good in tweet content, I only have ONE set to forward me text message updates on tweets. And you ask who is that solitary, single ONE account? BBOS, of course.

    BBOS consistently sends out real value tweets. Every one is worth reading. Whoever manages this for BBOS does an excellent job.

    BBOS's marketing slogan "the BlackBerry news you actually care to read" is ... well just fantastic. And no where is that more true that in the BBOS tweets which are all a good value for the read.

    BBOS, keep up the great work!

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    Thank you Wireless. We really appreciate the kind words. We all take pride in what we post as far as news. I try to reiterate to the staff very often the slogan. Every front page article gets Tweeted. So the thanks needs to go to the great staff we have here. They do a great job filtering "The BlackBerry news you actually care to read"

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