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    Ah, what did I start :-p.

    I'll throw in my views. I have not had medical insurance since I was 20, I am not 26 and I also have Crohns which can be classified as a life threatening illness. I live for each day, I don't look towards the future. After looking into the keypoints of this health care, it supposedly says I can now get medical insurance through 3rd parties. Every friggen insurance company refused me because of my pre existing condition and I hated that. Now hopefully I can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rumessingwitme View Post
    Just to let you know the highest you can pay for taxes is 36%. That is the Highest taxable income bracket possible. Most avg Americans wont reach exactly 36%. You prob do pay FICA, State and Federal Withholding.... But no one pays even 36%
    Thanks for letting me know what I pay in tax. I pay well over 36% and I counted in state tax, federal and all the taxes no one thinks about daily.

    Look I don't want to come off wrong but I am a small business owner that pays my fair share of tax and this new health care will bankrupt the country and lower the level of talent at the Dr. Level.

    No offense anyone. This is why I don't discuss politics & religion. I love the BBOS family.

    When my daughter Kimber came down with the Swine flu there were many prayers for her and my wife and I appreciated all of them.
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    The simple fact is, this is a terrible bill. Even Democrats who voted for the bill said no one likes the Senate bill, yet now we have the Senate bill. No person who thinks logically can believe that we will somehow spend almost $1,000,000,000,000 and manage to save $130 billion in the process. Using that math we could spend our way out of debt. Furthermore, how in the world the Democrats get away with calling the health care situation a crises while passing a bill that does virtually nothing for about 4 -5 years is beyond me. If they really wanted to pass a good bill they could have done something like not allow people to be disqualified for pre-existing conditions (must buy coverage prior to hospital visit), allowed people to buy insurance across state lines, cap medical malpractice awards, and provide a tiered health insurance credit for people to buy health care. Now the details of this could be argued and there will always be something for people to not like, but there is a little something for everyone in this bill. This health care credits for low income people could be paid for by including health care benefits in people's incomes and thus subjecting it to income tax (only the amount of money paid by the employer would be added). Just my 2 cents but at least my plan wouldn't tax the crap out of you for 4 years and then punish you for failing to buy insurance.

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