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    How do you feed your hunger?

    I have been on a tech hunger binge for over a month now (it comes and goes) but it's stronger than ever since so many new technological advances have come through for cell phones. I love my Storm 2 but I am always on the lookout for something better (better than BB? mfg Not really...but sorta. I can't get over it, I am actually on the lookout for new Samsung phones since I dropped them after I met BlackBerry a few years back. Why can't I just have a remote control to fast-forward to a new release?? Or how does one get into the business of testing out these new gadgets?-That would be awesome!:haha: How do you get through your tech hunger? Whenever I hit the web...wait that's all the time with my BB, I am just searching for new articles on any gadgets or any new bb news I'm interested in and research till my fingers hurt-(yeah I get bored often). And that new BB slider....:crazy::bigeyes::no:...not gonna do it for me, that thing is ugly and should not be released. I love the idea of a slider BB but holy ridiculous...Redo!!

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    Just ask!
    Learn to program - it helps me so much that I don't even have a BB!! I have a crappy Huawei M750 from MetroPCS...

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