Ello all, yes it's me (may remember me and you may not)

Yes like the title says, I am using an Android phone now. More specifically the HTC Hero from Sprint. I sold my Storm back in September and bought this little gadget. Must say it's a nice device. No where near the hardware quality of a blackberry but software wise it's great. Android is a lot of fun to use but there are drawbacks..... a lot of them.

1) Android does have A LOT more apps than the Blackberry but I have found that Blackberry had all of the apps that anyone would actually need. Yeah, I have a crap load of apps on this things that do nothing but make me laugh once or twice and then... they just take up room. (I do like the dog whistle app)

2) No Blackberry Messenger... the 5.0 BBM was awesome and my friends still use it and have chats with without me and I hate it.

3) Android does not have holster recognition. This actually cost me a job, because Dr. Love (Kiss is da bomb) came on in the middle of an interview. Tool holster thing for granted.

4) Auto type is a bitch. (Only way to put it) Ex: on a Blackberry you have a list of words it automatically recognizes. On Android it builds a list the more you use it. So lets say I type "acd" but I meant to say "and". Well if I am not paying attention and I press the space button, "acd" is now a word and every time I type it, it will not correct it for me. And I have not found a way to remove it....

5) Android's browser is better... (a lot better)

6) Blackberry's battery life is better. Android's can be better but you have to cut every cool feature off (seriously, anything that auto updates will kill the battery ex: facebook)

7) I MISS THE DAMN CLICKING SCREEN ( I can't stand all of the accidental touch's with this phone)

I say all of this to say that Sprint is pulling a rate hike:
Sprint Changing Contract Terms in January, Small Opportunity to Cancel Contract Sans ETF | PreCentral.net

I am going to take this opportunity to get out of my Sprint contract and mosey back on over to Verizon and when I do, I'll be getting a Storm 2 and thus making my triumphant return to the Blackberry World. I have read tons of reviews on the Storm 2 but I wanted some actual feedback from this community. So please, tell me about the Storm 2 and let me know if I am making a good decision on this....

Thanks! and it's good to be back with this community again.