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    Quote Originally Posted by blindman4556 View Post
    i no exatctly what your saying about texting each other when there right next to that person. im 20 so about 3 years ago i was still in high school. and i cant tell you how many times i went to a party to see girls just texting away and worst part was they were texting the person that was across the room...y dont you get off your ass and talk to em in person, if its private conversation, go old school and step outside where no 1 is at
    Yea, also allows them to clique up and talk about each other without having to say it face to face. Getting pretty ugly out there.......

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    Yes, I have to agree with you... we are losing that face-to-face interaction.... I see the very same things with email too.. My boss at work never calls... except on the rarest of occasions.... and he sends like 10-12msgs each day to us as a group, and sends a TON of emails to others... he sits at his desk and shoots out freagging emails... arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh

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