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    I love my BB

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    Quote Originally Posted by ROJ View Post
    I love my BB
    I love my BBI am agree with DMTG. I want to say it because here, in France, the big daily newspapers and computer sites take back this article of NYT completely and introduce it as being result of revealing inquiry than in USA people is ashamed of their BlackBerry.This article and what they do with it here, can give fright and can make damage, because who wants to be ashamed? This article is predominantly given as it is in France, its contents is not called into question by our journalists, sometimes thought ridiculous in comments, it creates a hole and makes think that BlackBerry becomes a mark of old objects the press of which begins laughing. In France, the answer of CEO of RIM is ignored. I discover his answer here, in BBOS. I am admiring. I think that this CEO and its reponse give to RIM a face and a word. To represent the employees, efforts, the users, it defends better RIM from attacks, it joined RIM and us. Please excuse my poor french...or Babel-english

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