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I am a BlackBerry Admin for a small Org. and we still purchase BlackBerries. We have over 200 employees and half of them have BlackBerries. Now do not get we wrong- we do have users wanting to jump ship (not because their device is not functioning) but because of words like this: my friend said and I wanted to video chat or my favorite they don't have any cool apps. I am here to support the end users so I get them what they want. But the point to this post is, BlackBerries are still selling- not as much as 4-years ago but they are selling! My $0.02
I too am a BES Admin for 2400 BB users and 138 PlayBooks. When we first allowed iPhone into our environment, BB #'s dropped to 1900 within weeks. Since then BB #'s have cmbed back to 2300 over the last three months. The story at my work is that those who went to iOS did so for 'fun' but soon learned that the iPhone was not a business friendly device and it cost them on average 30-40% more to operate. I expect when BB10 come out, the majority of those who went to iPhone will come back.

Needless to say our company has invested in BES and we are evaluating FUSION as we speak. We will be a BB shop for the foreseeable future.