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    Article: App World Hits Three Billion Downloads And Counting

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    I was reading an article on about the info that Blackberry AppWorld reached 3 billion downloads. It sounded like they were praising BB accomplishment of 3B downloads from a collection of 90,000 apps, but they they began to write that "those numbers pale in comparison to Apple's App Store, which announced in March that it had served up 25 billion downloads from its 650,000 apps, and Google's PlayStore, which announced last month it had delivered 20 billion downloads from 600,000 apps." I took what's in quotations directly from the article.
    My point is that if you look at the numbers we are about equal. BB's downloads/apps is 3 bil/90,000 is 33,333, Apple is 25 bil/ 650,000 is 38,461, and Google is
    20 bil/600,000 is 333,333. So yeah this could mean that BB's apps may be less in number but they must be good. Those guys can have a whole lot of crap but that doesn't mean that they are better. Just my opinion.

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