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    Brian, thanks for an excellent article and some great advice. I also choose wisely when it comes to sharing my BB's PIN. Hey, better safe than sorry..

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    I thought of making a new thread about my experience tonight, but after reading this article from our very own BBOS Blogger, Brian aka. newshutr, I thought to myself I need to post, and share this with everyone here.

    As Brian was expressing the potential millions of BlackBerry users communicating though the best mobile application, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

    I was posting on Twitter as usual, as I do everyday, helping many users find a solution to their BlackBerry issue(s), and one particular Twitter user, adds me, fine, nothing new there.

    He has a minor BlackBerry issue, I help him solve it.

    He asks for my BBM PIN, and I said I won't post it via Twitter, or DM you as I don't add random people from Twitter, that's how I am.

    A few days later, he is still hesitant in obtaining my BBM PIN, so I thought, whatever.

    I sent it to him via DM (Direct Message) via Twitter (both Twitter accounts need to be following each other for DM to happen.

    We spoke about BlackBerry issues, and other general topics, didn't think anything of it.

    The next day, he starts asks me personal questions, such as my age, what month I was born, where I was born.

    I responded via BBM in a polite manner, can you please not ask me these questions, they are personal in nature.

    A few more days goes by, he becomes like a frigging leach, always PING PING PING!!

    (PING should not be used excessively on BBM, as it may irritate the person to the point of removal.)

    I told him I cannot come to your assistance when I have so many other things to do here.

    Please have patience!

    Mind him, he comes from another part of the world where morals, and values are practically non-existent.

    The final draw was tonight, he asked me I need contacts.

    Yeah, contacts, as in my contacts, so you can imagine what I was thinking at this point.

    I have very confidential information in my BlackBerry, that is worth mega bucks to scammers like these people, even through BBM!!

    They befriend BlackBerry users, to the point of obtaining critical personal data from either me, or other users who own a BlackBerry device via BBM for the sole purpose of identify theft, or some other illegal means to impersonate said other person.

    As Brian said in his article, please be very careful who you give your BlackBerry PIN to, after all, you really could be in for a while heap of trouble if you let your guard down.

    Thought I should share this info tonight with everyone, so please do not fall victim via BBM, or worse, in the end...identity theft.

    Thank you.

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