A little birdy tipped BBOS off today that BlackBerry had a new website devoted 100% to the Be Bold campaign. After a tour through the site, I notice that it's not quite public-ready, but the possibilities are definitely there. From New Years Eve in Time Square to its television debut, Be Bold has warmed the hearts of millions.

The Be Bold website encourages BlackBerry users and abusers to share their own personal stories. Whether it's through a tweet, a picture or a video, now is the time to be inspired and celebrate being Bold. By tweeting your story with the hashtag #BeBold, you could end up on the site, and how awesome would that be to tell your mom, friends, or whoever is important in your life.

If you don't know your Be Bold story yet, take a scroll through the site and read other peoples' stories. Just remember, that every story is worth posting. You never know who you could inspire by tweeting a few words that you aren't even sure will matter to anyone.

Right now, Be Bold is giving away one BlackBerry Bold 9900 a day, every day from March 22 to May 31. All you have to do is add them on BBM! How easy is that? I've already added them and I'm excitedly (and impatiently) waiting for Be Bold to accept my invitation.

Visit Be Bold today. It's time to celebrate bold. Get inspired, share your story and always Be Bold.