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    Sketch With Friends Now Available For The PlayBook In App World

    I was originally going to be writing this article an hour ago, when I first downloaded Sketch With Friends. Then I actually started playing it and let's just say that's where the last hour of myself has been spent. Sketch With Friends is a new game similar to that other fruit's game "Draw Something."

    The objective of the game is to try to guess correctly what other people are drawing. The faster you guess, the more points you score. When it's your turn to draw the roles are reversed. The quicker someone guesses correctly what you drew, the more points you get. After 10 rounds the winner is chosen.

    I originally didn't know if it would be worth the $1.99 price tag but after the first game, I was convinced it definitely is. Sketch With Friends is a cross-platform game that pins you against Apple and Android users, as well PlayBook owners and that also brought an extra cool factor.

    Right now, BlackBerry PlayBook users are pretty much dominating this game and hopefully that is evidence to other cross-platform devs that we are worthy of the investment. Make sure you check this game out!

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