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    New Be Bold Videos: More Interviews And Bolds Taking Pictures

    I must admit, I'm not a fan of these commercials/advertisements/interview videos or whatever you want to call them. While they are part of BlackBerry's Be Bold campaign and get out a cool message, they fail to show off any unique BlackBerry features.

    The video above is about Hailey Kwon, a cupcake store owner that loves her Bold. Unfortunately for us, we don't know this until we see the phone at the 0:47 mark or hear the word "BlackBerry" at the 1:24 mark of 1:57 long video. If that wasn't bad enough, the main highlighted feature of this video is how easy it is to connect through social media, something that every smartphone out there can do.

    This second video wasn't as bad. We're introduced to Meredith Valiando, yes BlackBerry misspelled her name on the video title, who works in the music industry. Being the busy person that she is, her BlackBerry helps keep her organized. The quote "try writing 1000 emails on a touchscreen" really resonates and that is something that would make a potential customer think, "hey I should look into the Bold instead of an iPhone."

    One thing that annoys me that many have touched on is how RIM seems to be ignoring every other BlackBerry 7 model except the Bold with these videos. Since the 99xx is their flagship device, they probably decided to just focus their efforts on it alone. Hopefully this wont be the case forever as their other devices are just as great and could attract people if correctly marketed.

    Along the same train of thought, it's kind of comical that in all these Bold 9900 commercials/videos someone is always taking a picture. All of you 99xx owners know the lack of auto-focus make the Bold's camera the worst out of all the BB7 devices, but for some reason the fact that it can take pictures seems to be a prominent feature that RIM wants to highlight.
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