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    Here is the balance of Set 1 of the 4/3/1982 Norfolk, VA show. Have a Grate day!

    Jerry, I hope all is going well with the Keys venture....

    This week we'll listen to the rest of set 1 of this classic Dead show from 1982, The Scope in Norfolk VA. In addition to an outstanding Peggy-O, the highlight of this week's show for me, is the outstanding Scarlet-> Fire - check out Bobby who is really "ON" during the transition jam... I think its quite worthwhile...

    Grateful Dead - April 3, 1982
    Scope - Norfolk, VA

    Big River
    Peggy-O ->
    C C Rider
    Bird Song
    It's All Over Now
    Althea ->
    Let It Grow
    Scarlet Begonias ->
    Fire On The Mountain

    You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

    Thanks for picking us up and as always for your kind support of the Deadpod...

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    Jerry, you MUST check out the Sing Me Back Home on this one! And the THIRTY-PLUS MINUTE The Other One!

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Grateful Dead
    Civic Center, Baltimore, MD

    Source: Audience (taper Cary Wolfson) > Cass > DAT > SHN

    Extraction and SHN encoding by David Minches

    Disc 1:
    1. Promised Land
    2. Sugaree
    3. Black Throated Wind
    4. Friend of the Devil
    5. El Paso
    6. Bird Song
    7. Big River
    8. Tennessee Jed
    9. Mexicali Blues
    10. China Cat Sunflower ->
    11. I Know You Rider

    Disc 2:
    Set 1, cont.
    1. Playing in the Band
    2. Casey Jones
    Set 2:
    3. Truckin'
    4. Loser
    5. Jack Straw
    6. Mississippi Half Step
    7. Me & My Uncle

    Disc 3:
    1. He's Gone ->
    2. The Other One ->
    3. Sing Me Back Home
    4. Sugar Magnolia
    5. Uncle John's Band
    6. One More Saturday Night

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    Haven't had much time as of late to fool around on my favorite web site BBOS (shroomery being a very close second) as I would like with my end of the rainbow move to Key West pending. Checking in and look what I found. Gonna take that baby and finish off goin through the garage....and adding more material into a special box. On a personal if my BBM was undecipherable Friday afternoon....ah nevermind you know why.

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