Hello Blackberry fans

Greetings from Birmingham, here in the UK. I registered as a member a few months ago but have never posted online before, so I think that technically I still qualify as a newbie among you.

I am quite a recent convert to Blackberry. Last year my iphone was stolen and my daughter gave me her old curve as she had just upgraded. I had never shown any interest in the blackberry at all over the years because being slightly hamfisted, I found the small keys too much of an inconvenience when trying it out one time.
But, beggars canít be choosers so I gratefully accepted the offer, with the intention of replacing my iphone ASAP... Two weeks later I was totally hooked on my fabulously handy QWERTY keypad and super slick/quick navigation and will never go back.

Iíve still got my little curve Ė my daughter seemed to have owned it forever before me and it looks like itís been run over by a bus a few times, but it works at lightning speed and is ever faithful. Last month I bought a 9720 which suited me perfectly, until I decided to learn all I could about cod files and their modification in a program called BBSAK...Bye Bye 9720...I either bricked or nuked it Ė whatever the correct term is - somehow.

Now Iíve bought a 9900 and am seriously impressed with the feel and build quality of it!

When Iím out and about though and need to make a call, I usually reach for my trusty little curve first...and at least Iím pretty confident that if the thief returns for a second bite, as soon as he/she looks at it theyíll feel sorry for me and leave it alone, well itíd be a real saddo of a thief to stoop that low after seeing the sorry state it looks to be in.

Thatís how I have come to be a huge fan of the Blackberry; I am hoping you will welcome me among you. I do have a question regarding my 9720 that I am hoping to get some advice with, but will ask it in the appropriate forum and in time to come, if I canít figure out the issue for myself.

Good day to you all...