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    Hi All.

    Well I have just joined what I think will be a wonderful forum, this afternoon I bought myself a Playbook 2.0 so I thought the first thing I need to do is get with a good forum, and whos members will guide me through getting the best out of my PB. I am looking firward to downloading some great Android Apps, but it all sounds a bit daunting at the moment, but I am sure you guys will offer some good easy to follow advice.
    I live in the Ancient City of York, in the United Kingdom, and i work as a Technician for Network Rail (Railway) I usually get asked how I picked my username, well here we go. I served with the 1st Royal Tank Regiment on Main Battle Tanks with the British Army hence tankie 1rtr..... so there we go. apart from my pc, as a hobby, I am a member of the Yorkshire Volunteers Regimental Band, as a Drummer / Trumpeter, I also play Clarinet, I use to play Sax but it was like blowing down an old Drainpipe, so I binned it. I also enjoy Photography, and Animals. Thats about it.

    Regards and Best Wishes to All.

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    Welcome to BBOS. If you want to learn how to run Android apps on your PlayBook you can take a look at our guide here:

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    Hi tankie1rtr,

    nice to see you at this wonderful forum

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