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02-13-2012 04:13 PM I unlocked my Blackberry storm 9530 it was with telus and I tryed to unlocked it for wind manualy. I do not know whath happend all I know it is locked completly. Do you think I can use it again please let me know
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02-13-2012 04:49 PM I use password to unlock it I bought it by internet and I wach everything how I use it but last step I make change because I think will be better to make it global and I could use with wind or any network provider I choose global from Mobile network options insted of GSM and when I put wind SIM I found wind away I start to choose from Mobile network network selection mode manual not automatic. Now my blackberry is locked and I try to put telus SIM card do not accept it

I have decided to post your messages here, and answers, so other members can look back on this and say, yes, this is the same issue I am experiencing.

mobilefox71, please read what I have posted below carefully, so you understand why you are experiencing this issue.

If your phone is CURRENTLY LOCKED to BELL/VIRGIN MOBILE, TELUS/KOODO, or ROGERS/FIDO, you will be able to use your phone with BELL/VIRGIN MOBILE, TELUS/KOODO, ROGERS/FIDO, or any domestic/ international GSM carrier once unlocked.

Your MOBILICITY, VIDEOTRON, or WIND Blackberry WILL NOT work with BELL/VIRGIN MOBILE or TELUS/KOODO as the frequencies are different.

As well, your BELL/VIRGIN MOBILE, TELUS/KOODO, or ROGERS/FIDO BlackBerry WILL NOT work with MOBILICITY, VIDEOTRON, or WIND as the frequencies are different.

All other models not listed above that are unlocked will only work with GSM carriers in Canada (Rogers, Fido, etc) or international GSM carriers.

In plain English, this is exactly why you're unable to get the WIND SIM card to work on your unlocked Telus BlackBerry Storm 9530 device, or vise versa.

I sincerely hope that users read up on what device is compatible with what carrier, as this would really avoid any potential frustrations from not being properly informed, and to help you understand a bit more clearly as to why this is not going to work, as the frequencies are different.

Thank you.