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    Hello from Israel

    Hi all and SHALOM,

    I'm from Israel, happy to be a member of such an huge and prof forum.

    Using 9700 Bold, OS and have few questions:
    1. Having troubles with WIFI, anyone else or it's an Hardware prob?
    2. Talkbox\Hi-tell or any other PTT software cross platform?
    3. Customized Led software that can light different for: SMS\email\missed call?

    Thank you and Peace for all!

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    Ma nishma Nave?, baruch haba! Ishti mi Israel v'garti ita b'beersheva l'shalosh shanim.

    Now onto your questions...

    1. Haven't heard of anyone else complain about Wifi issues on the 9780 with .576. Does it happen with every router?
    2. Push2Talk was nice, but it's not OS 6 supported, and I'm afraid the dev may have given up. I don't use PTT very often but other may be able to give you more information.
    3. BeBuzz is nice and sells better, but I recommend Blink, it has a better and simpler UI.

    ג'ו -

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