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    BlackBerryOS Rules and Guidelines

    Welcome to BBOS
    Please take a few minutes to read through the forum rules and guidelines before posting.


    Spam is the creation of posts/messages that are advertisement links to external sites.

    Spamming is Not Allowed and it will not be tolerated. If you post a spam message it will immediately be deleted. Your member ID and your IP address will be banned and all posts will be deleted. You only have one chance here, so don’t do it! This includes spam links in your signature (see signature rules below) or Private Messages to other members.

    Specific types of spam include:
    • Advertising, member/traffic leaching, link abuse, adult content or nudity WILL NOT be tolerated!

    To help manage the potential for spammers, no member will be allowed to post links or pictures until they have at least 10 posts.

    No Advertising Policy

    BlackBerryOS maintains a No Advertising policy in the forums. Individuals/Businesses may not make posts promoting the sale of their own or other competing stores products (Accessories, Services, Software, Themes, etc.) or sales. Traffic Leaching is strictly prohibited. If you'd like to promote or advertise your Accessories, Services, Software, Themes etc. on please contact Joe Jerde directly. Joe can be reached via email:

    Individuals looking to Sell or Swap personally owned items (i.e. Used Unlocked AT&T BlackBerry 9800 for Sale) may post in the Market Place forum. We recommend you please read the guidelines for our Market Place forum before selling or buying.

    Donate Buttons / Links

    Donate buttons and links are allowed, but only in posts where the content is free to the BBOS community, and the content must be your original material. For example, you can post a donate link if you are posting about free theme or app that you made, or a helpful guide that you made. Remember, it must be your own original content. We check for originality so don't claim it if it's not yours.

    Post in the Right Forum

    We’ve done our best to layout the forum categories so they are logical and make sense. When you are creating a new thread, do your best to get it in the right category. We want this forum to add value and be educational.
    • The Downloads Center which is located in the tabs at the top, is our most popular section. You can find the latest operating system for your device.
    • The BlackBerry Devices section is where most find answers to their specific issues.
    • The General BlackBerry Issues section is a good place to start if you have a question and are unsure where to post it.
    • We also have the Lounge / Off Topic section. You can talk about anything you want in here. Just keep it respectful, productive, clean and legal.

    Make Meaningful Posts

    While BBOS is here to help solve problems and to stay on top of news and rumors, all posts made within the site should add value and be on topic to the thread (even in the free for all). Posting for the sake of increasing your post count is not allowed.
    Moderators reserve the right to delete any meaningless post. You will receive notification when this occurs. If it happens a second time you will be given infraction points that could lead to interfere with your ability to post here.

    Use a Descriptive Title

    Please do not create threads that state “ HELP ME” or “NOW WHAT”. Help us to help you by using a descriptive thread title.
    When you create your thread/post, think of it as if someone else is reading it. Make sure your subject line is related to the content of your post. Having a subject line of 'help' or 'now what', will not really help others later while they search for a particular issue and in most cases will result in members skipping your thread all together.

    Please do not PM Members of the Staff with support questions, please post these in the appropriate forum section so all members may take advantage of provided support.

    Post Legal Content

    No posting of Warez in the forums, such as links to download warez, instructions on "cracking" software, or "workarounds" that enable people to utilize for-pay services without paying. Posting this kind of content can result in an immediate and permanent ban. These kinds of activities can get in trouble, and nobody wants that, so just don't do it.

    Personal Attacks

    Do not insult, make fun of, or post personal attacks against any other members of the forum. Be courteous & professional. Any reports of harassment of members will be treated seriously. BBOS will not tolerate this kind of behavior. This will result in disciplinary action up to and including banning you from the website.


    Only one user name is allowed per BBOS member. If you have forgotten your log in information, do not create a new account, please contact an Administrator. Users found with multiple accounts will be banned.

    User names, Avatars, and Signatures

    Member User Names and Avatars must be appropriate for all ages. A User Name may not be a web site. If we do not feel your User Name or Avatar is appropriate you will be asked to change it. If not done in a timely manner it will be changed for you and one that BBOS assigns. User name changes can be changed by our Administrator.

    Signatures are allowed, however, keep them neat and clean, no excessive UPPER CASE LETTERS (which is yelling if you didn’t know). Signatures may contain up to one external hyperlink (points to a webpage outside of, but should not be excessive in length nor contain any promotional text (enticing users to click). Traffic leaching will not be tolerated. Additional signature links are acceptable, so long as they point to pages within the site (favorite how-to article, forum rules, etc.). Signatures should be small and tasteful and take up 1 - 4 lines max (including spaces) in the default font size (size 2 - nothing larger will be acceptable) (the last thing we want is to look at a forum thread and see 15 big signatures that take up all of the screen real estate). Signatures may also not contain any donation links or similar links. The BBOS site staff will determine what is acceptableor not.

    Contests / Giveaways

    In regards to any official contest or giveaway. Any member that abuses the guidelines laid out in each contest/giveaway can be banned with no warning from BBOS. Any member that abuses the prize/coupon provided from winnings is considered theft and will be grounds for automatic banning form This is NOT tolerated!

    Forum Moderation Team

    Any action that a moderator decides will follow the above guidelines, so please respect them as they are volunteering their time to keep this site fun for all to use. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly, or have a question about a moderator action, you may contact them via PM, or send a PM to the Administrator.
    Please let the Moderators do their job. Members who decide to moderate other members, insult or belittle other member actions, will not be tolerated.

    Warnings/Ban General Policy

    BBOS does not want to issue warnings or bans to members. It is our goal to be a friendly helpful environment for all BlackBerry users no matter what their skill level is. Members whom do not follow the above rules may receive infraction points. We have decided that we will give three chances, after the third offense you will be banned from reserves the right to move, edit, delete, and close any thread or post. In addition we also reserve the right to ban members, or revoke any and all privileges at any time, with or without warning or explanation. reserves the right to modify these Rules and Guidelines at anytime for any reason.

    Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope that you will enjoy all the help, information, and fun here at
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