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  1. I'll check it in a while ! Thank you
  2. I also have QuickPull Pro Steelthorn Software » QuickPull Pro & Free , so I asked myself why would I bother purchasing it when I have MeterBerry v2.5.0?

    I compared them both and apparently QuickPull Pro removes old or "broken" BlackBerry modules.

    Not sure if MeterBerry has that feature.

    Either way, I have both QuickPull Pro and MeterBerry and very happy to use them with no restriction whatsoever.
  3. Honestly YES !
  4. I got MeterBerry v2.5.0 too best utility app for BB hands down!! a must have
  5. I'm using MeterBerry
  6. I wanted to share this app I have on my Bold 9900, it's called Battery Watchdog, from BlackBerry App World, and I love it works amazing check it out, sooooo worth the $1.99 USD
  7. Lol Hello Don't mention it ! I appreciate your efforts
  8. Hey Youssef, just droppin' by to say hello thank you for that "like" btw
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