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  1. I finally found an OS version that works on my bbstorm 9530 for my geographical location. I have tried several other OS's but only v5.0.0.140 (Platform ...

    It isn't as fast & responsive as the .328 OS but it better than using v4.0.0.148 .. Are there any OS's or hybrids out there that are a mixture of .140 and .328? If so please send me a link ASAP so that I can give it a try ...


  2. Sure, if you roll back to that particular OS allowed connection. If by chance you find youre still having issues you can go back to I would keep trying them one at a time untill you find one that works for your device. Each OS behave differently on every Storm so what may work for one of them may not work for another. If all else fails you can use a Hybrid. Keep me posted and I will help as much as I can.
  3. Can You Please Help Me?

    I have a BB storm 9530 that is currently unlocked. It is a verizon wireless phone, but I am currently using it on the t mobile network. I had upgraded the phone's os system to the official os that was released by verizon online .. the phone was much faster and responsive, but I could not make any phone calls. I was recieving the "no circuit/no channel" error code.

    Can you please instruct me on what to do. I would like to find an os that will work on the T mobile network. I am sick and tired of using os v4.7.0.75 (platform

    Thanks in advance

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