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  1. When I got my 9360, keeping in my pocket was uncomfortable, and forget downloading because I thought It might explode. But I'm happy to report those heat issues are a thing of the past, I just downloaded 5 videos which are 700mbs each with no hassels. Remember once you update there maybe a lingering about 3 battery pulls after just installing the os'll see the difference and hour or two later an by the following day there it will be gone.Because if your torch is hot even though you are not browsing the internet or queued to music and vids to download then os 7.1 will fix the heat problem.My phone was hot even though I was not doing anything on it.
  2. My 9810 overheats Does the 7.1 Get Rid of That ?
  3. Hello,I don't own a torch 9810 but a curve 9360. I installed RogersWireless OS 7.1 release on the curve replacing MTN's OS 7.0. Reason being overheating and battery drainage caused by OS 7.0
  4. Did you Download O.S 7.1 on your AT&T Torch 9810?
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