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  1. Here you will have no problem with being known! And can't wait to see you break through your task! Good Luck!!
  2. Thanks

    I'm working on a new feature right now... it is working out pretty well and my beta testers are loving it. It is taking a ton of work to get it implemented (in all 6 versions), but it'll be worth it.

    I'm also looking into trying to get a transparent lock screen so that the wallpaper shows through on that, but it's giving me some trouble. Hoping for a breakthrough!

    But I'm sure that your comment/link to the thread only helped raise awareness!

    I've been *hoping* to get some press like that, but I didn't know how to go about doing it. Thanks!
  3. Hey it is a beautiful looking and running theme! How could I miss it!? Look forward to seeing more from you and hoping it helps you out!
  4. Hey Stief,

    Wanted to send you a thanks for putting my theme up on your stief's notes post! I was honored to make it! And also excited, hoping it helps get the word out about it so more users can find it

    Thanks for recognizing my work man!
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