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  1. Hi Laney,

    I was reading the front page news item about the 8330 leak of; and thought i'd respond in regards to your comment about thinking the 8530 was the low-end cutoff for 5.0

    It has been my understanding since the time that RIM officially announced 5.0 that ANY device that was currently sporting a 4.6 official device would definitely be seeing a 5.0 release, and that SOME 4.5 devices would be getting it. That is the reason we saw a leak for the Pearl Flip, as it natively runs (on VZW). I'm actually a bit surprised to see it on the Curve, given memory limitations; but if the Storm and Pearl Flip versions are any teacher; it's not much bigger of an OS.

    Well, just thought i'd point out that little tidbit of info!

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