Please read these rules before buying or selling in the Market Place.

When posting in the Market Place section you must use the following format...

1. In the title of your thread you you must include one of the following abbreviations:

  • WTS- Wanting to sell
  • WTB- Wanting to buy
  • WTT- Wanting to trade

2. In the body of the post you will have to enter the following :

  • A link to this thread since all members must read the rules before buying or selling.
  • Item selling:
  • Price:
  • Payment Option:
  • Rating the item:
  • Description:
  • Shipping information:
  • Additional details (including pictures of item):

If you have to, just copy and paste the format into your post.

- Sellers must be the sole owner of the item for sale. Buyers take all responsibility for the item in question.

- You must provide at least one picture of the item you are selling.
You can not use professional photos ie: a photo off of of the storm. It has to be an actual picture of your item.

- We will allow you to bump your thread three times. If you bump it after three times the thread will be closed.

- Keep every post you post on topic and pertaining to that item that is being sold. Any posts that are off topic will be deleted.

- Most importantly, if you feel you have been taken advantage of by a "fraudulent" seller or buyer, please report the post. You can do so by clicking the triangle icon in the lower left corner of the sellers original post. Include a detailed message about the interaction. If found to be fraudulent, a member could face up to and including being banned from

You need to take heed that not all members may be trustworthy when selling an item.
You take all responsibility for any currency exchange with another member.
You must take the appropriate actions to safeguard yourself and your money. takes no responsibility for any fraudulent actions.

*Rules are subject to change*

Updated on 6/5/2011