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    Bluetooth Tethering a VZW Blackberry on Macs (Broadband)

    Bluetooth Tethering a Blackberry for Broadband Internet on Macs.
    3 easy steps:

    1) You need to have the tether package on your VZW price plan. If you don't, call up to add it to your package. Before going to step 2, *228 your handset to reprogram it.

    2) Goto System Bluetooth option and find your phone.. it should be setup as Smartphone.

    3) Set up modem for dial up. In network preferences and setup Modem

    Dial Number #777
    Account Name : <<your telephone number>>
    Password: vzw

    In Advanced Setup under the Bluetooth Tab choose the following

    vendor : other
    Model: Verizon support (PC5220)
    enable error correction
    wait for dial tone

    Your all done..
    Then from the modem menu just dial..

    Your phone should connect over Bluetooth and dial out. Your computer will be online using Broadband Access.
    Keep in mind... this ain't the quickest internet access - but it's good for browsing, e-mail, and posting on

    Personal preference: I like to keep the Modem icon on the menu for easy access.

    Reminder: Don't go crazy downloading large files; all Broadband Access with VZW has a 5GB limit.

    -Bobby :nutkick:
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