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    Desktop Manager For Mac Launch Confirmed

    A week ago there were strong rumors circulating that Desktop Manager for Mac would be launched that week. Of course it was later found to be delayed and RIM's promise of Desktop Manager for Mac by the end of September broken. RIM has sent out a very exciting press release this morning confirming that Desktop Manager for Mac will be released October 2nd, at 1:00pm Eastern Daylight Time.

    This has certainly been a long awaited piece of software. With it you will be able to sync your data from iCal®, Address Book, and Microsoft® Entourage®. Automatic backups along with software updates can also be performed without the need for running a virtual machine with Windows.

    If music is a big deal to you, the new Desktop Manager for Mac has you covered as well. Integrated into Desktop Manager for Mac is BlackBerry Media Sync which enables you to sync with iTunes with your BlackBerry. Creating a playlist including song information and album art can also be done from within Desktop Manager

    Come Friday, the software is scheduled to launch and be available for download free from
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