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    Cool [9-5-2014] KPG radonXblazz Hybrid Multiple Device OS6

    Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. , Best wishes to all the members, admin & mod blackberryos .

    on this occasion I introduce my work again Hybrid, Hybrid OS6 for All Devices
    Before I release the Hybrid, I've done some beta test first.

    because it confused with the name I would use, I finally put on my best friend name of a racing team, the Hybrid I named KPG radonXblazz

    Hybrid is in the mix with some of the last OS 7.1.0.xxxx -

    Hybrid is no ringtone, no 3rd apps, Just BBID and BBM v Hybrid (stikers)

    Please try and rename the corresponding provisions under the SFI ..

    9100: Pearl
    9105: Pearl
    9300: Kepler
    9330: Jupiter
    9650: Essex
    9670: Style
    9700: Onyx
    9780: Delta
    9800: Torch

    Specifications Hybrid OS KPG Jockey Crazy
    Mix Composition: OS - dan -,
    Platform: (depending SFI)
    Help Screen:
    About Screen:

    - Hybrid ini tercipta karena dorongan dan dukungan yang luar biasa kepada saya,
    - Thanks buat DeeOnlyDee tester 9300
    - Thanks buat ShufiArdhabilly tester 9780
    - Thanks buat Lenthow tester 9780 & 9330
    - Thanks buat abie tester 9300
    - Thanks buat RisQ tester 9780
    - Dan tentunya juga dukungan dari teman teman semua

    Thanks you......

    installation instructions:
    1. install Base OS Official / Leaked - Once installed, delete vendor.xml located at C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader.
    - Delete the contents of the base os. C »program files» commont files »research in motion» shared »loader files» 9780M_v6.0.0.749_P6.6.0.250 » java, UMTS and alx all removed. replace with contents consisting of hybrid java folder, KPG and alx.
    copy and paste to :\Program Files\Common Files\Research inMotion\Shared\Loader Files\ 9780M_v6.0.0.749_P6.6.0.250 »Copy and paste here. (The former was the deleted files) and Cut and paste the SFI also in the UMTS folder to folder KPG.
    2. Turn signal / radio off.*
    3. backup with DM
    4. Wipe device with BBSAK, One Clik Wipe or other tool..
    5. wait (usually about 3-4 minute) and make sure the device is in an error 507.*
    6. Run Loader.exe (found at C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader.
    7. Ensure Pin detected in the device and then click Next.
    8. Tick application loader would be installed and then click Next.
    9. Wait OS load process is complete until bb Reboot automatically.*
    10. switch off the device and do pullbat / disconnect the battery to see if there is an error after os install.
    11. Restore Data using DM*
    12. turn on the radio / mobille network On. Wait for 2-3minute.
    Enter email setup,send service books.*
    14. Done.

    Download Link:

    For Ringtone:
    Di sini

    Subscribes My Channel: C000132E6
    Regards: Dimas Fatria

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    ga bs di download gan link nya..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ivan satrya View Post
    ga bs di download gan link nya..
    Barusan saya coba bisa kok gan

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    thx oom, KPG pancen OYE

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