[3-3-2014] KPG Jockey Crazy Hybrid Multiple Device OS 6
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Thread: [3-3-2014] KPG Jockey Crazy Hybrid Multiple Device OS 6

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    Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. , Best wishes to all the members, admin & mod blackberryos ..

    He is my idol

    it is my dream that hasn't been achieved, and i'm crazy... hahaha

    back to topic
    on this occasion I introduce my work again Hybrid, Hybrid OS6 for All Devices
    Before I release the Hybrid, I've done some beta test first.

    I named this hybrid Jockey KPG Crazy

    Hybrid is in the mix with some of the last OS 7.1.0.xxxx -

    Hybrid is no ringtone, no 3rd apps, Just BBID and BBM v Hybrid

    Please try and rename the corresponding provisions under the SFI ..

    9100: Pearl
    9105: Pearl
    9300: Kepler
    9330: Jupiter
    9650: Essex
    9670: Style
    9700: Onyx
    9780: Delta
    9800: Torch

    Specifications Hybrid OS KPG Jockey Crazy
    Mix Composition: OS 6.0.0.xxx - dan 7.1.0.xxx -,
    Platform: (depending SFI)
    Help Screen: (3170)
    About Screen:

    - Hybrid ini tercipta karena dorongan dan dukungan yang luar biasa kepada saya,
    - Thanks buat ShufiArdhabilly tester 9780
    - Thanks buat Yosa tester 9800
    - Thanks buat Amrialhadis yang jadi tester 9780
    - Thanks buat RisQ tester 9780
    - Dan tentunya juga dukungan dari teman teman semua
    - Thanks you......

    Download Link:

    For Ringtone:
    Di sini

    Subscribes My Channel: C000132E6
    Regards: Dimas Fatria

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