Hybrid OS Posting Rules & Guidelines:

In addition to the regular Posting Rules & Guidelines, any "hybrid" or "leaked beta" BlackBerry Smartphone software announced in this forum, or made available to BBOS members must:
  1. Be accessible to all BBOS members without payment, password, or other restrictions;
  2. Have adequate freely available information, either in this forum or contained within the download, or a directly linked freely accessible web page, to enable the average hybrid user to install and use it;
  3. Have a direct download URL (link) posted in this forum (i.e. the link must point to an unencrypted archive of the software such that when users click the link they are directly presented with a download or save dialog without needing to navigate other links or pages).

Hybrid and beta BlackBerry OS software announced and discussed in this forum must be freely available for download by the community. No payment of any kind may be requested or accepted as a condition of access to downloads or use of the software. No software may be offered for sale from other web sites through the BBOS forums, because this violates the No Advertising Policy of our Terms of Service. For the avoidance of doubt, (a) Paypal donations are considered in the same way as cash payments; (b) restricted access to hybrids via paid VIP or Premium member areas is also classed as "sale" or "advertising", and promotion of these areas is non-permitted Advertising, regardless whether there may be other benefits to "VIP/Premium members".

Moderators or site staff may remove or edit without notice any post or thread which does not comply with these requirements, or is otherwise in violation of the general Posting Rules & Guidelines.

BlackBerryOS.com disclaims all liability for the risks and consequences of downloading, installing, or using any unofficial, unsupported, or hybrid OS. If you choose to install, you do so at your own risk. Users are responsible for their own actions and should note that any software listed in this Hybrid forum is NOT an official release and is not supported by BlackBerryOS.com.